How to “Marie Kondo” your fridge in some smooth steps

We’ve already talked about how to Kondo-ize your office to get that smooth, minimalistic Mario Kondo experience with the proper de-cluttering practices. But there’s some other vicinity inside the house that holds various litter and doesn’t get talked about very an awful lot: The fridge.

It’s no mystery that the average refrigerator can get in real dirty and overcrowded in time. Do you wince a touch while you open your refrigerator? Do you desire it to become a touch purifier, brighter, and more significant to use? If it’s time to dispose of fridge litter and discover a better technique for storing food, then we have the hints which you need.


Pull to your spring-cleaning gloves and take the entirety out of your refrigerator. Next, it’s time for a complete floor cleaning to dispose of any spills, stains, or crumbs that may be in your fridge. This is a high-quality location to begin because it additionally permits you to stock what you have got inside the refrigerator and throws away something you don’t want.

With all the meals removed, scrub and wipe down all of the surfaces inner your refrigerator until it’s miles spotless. A green cleanser could make this activity more comfortable; in particular, if there are hard stains, you need to get rid of them. Once the entirety is cleaned, you could begin reorganizing the objects which you’ve selected to hold.


Refrigerators get cluttered because we keep meals and leftovers with an indistinct idea that we’ll use them within the destiny…and then we mostly forget approximately them. The excellent manner to stay away from this trouble is to select one day every week (Saturday, as an example) to throw away all unnecessary things within the refrigerator. If you have got leftovers, both use them that day or toss them. If ingredients are spoiling or going stale, that is the day you dispose of them. If you have got almost empty bottles, either use them that day or chuck them. If you’re maintaining ingredients or substances, you do not often use, then toss them: Chances are proper. They may go horrific (or are already terrible) earlier than you use them once more, and you may continually buy new variations to your next particular cooking challenge.

Make this a weekly addiction, and it will become challenging to muddle your fridge again. Plus, you’ll continually have a far higher concept of what’s on your fridge and what you could want to buy. Heck, it can even help your relationship life.


This may be a hard step, relying on your refrigerator habits, but you need to put off all reused containers (think old green cream bins, as an example) in your fridge and forestall the usage of them altogether. First, the use of all unique boxes (which can often be no longer labeled) is an adverse fridge corporation and leads to a lot of needless mess. Second, it’s no longer a sanitary answer for storing leftovers. These matters do not bring happiness to your fridge searching. Instead, purchase a fixed of superb glass or plastic leftover boxes that in shape and are clean to label if essential. You can stick those in the dishwasher and use them time and again. It’s a beautiful way to hold your fridge secure and keep away from unnecessary clutter.



Having hassle deciding what to keep and what to throw away? Make a hard rule to throw away open boxes constantly. If it doesn’t have a lid or a cap or a latched protecting it, use it or toss it. This will maintain you from storing open cans and different things in your refrigerator. A container without a lid can get infected and make your fridge odor — they may be higher off in the trash.

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