Nine Seriously Fun Slides from Around the World

Nine Seriously Fun Slides from Around the World 1

The striped slide combines stainless steel with polycarbonate. This aquatic center features indoor and outdoor pools and slides. Children are encouraged to choose their own adventure at this recreation space, a Best of the Year 2018 honoree for Kids’ Zone. A white-water slide in the aquatic center is laminated fiberglass. Carsten Höller designed the stainless-steel and polycarbonate slide.

Around the World

An aluminum slide gives a playful contact to the location of the painting. The middle encompasses hiking ropes, slides, and a ball pit. Work meets play in this warehouse turned domestic, boasting an indoor skate park alongside studio space for artists in residence to record a track and embark on different innovative pastimes. The slides cease on circles of synthetic rubber surrounded by using artificial turf.

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