Top Ways to Prepare Your Garden for Winter Months

Perhaps, winter is lurking around the corner, and you are getting ready to brace yourself for the cold season. But, before the first frost falls, identify how best you can prep your garden before selling your home.

Picture this, a potential home buyer passes down your street and sees the home for sale tag. Will the first sight of your garden interest them or push them away?

Clear the Garden

Winter Months

Now is the opportune time to eliminate all dead and dying plants that might give an unsightly look. It can include those wilting as a result of diseases. Additionally, also discard all the fallen leaves spread over your garden. Pruning is also advisable.

You can also remove any slimy leaves in your garden to give it a new look. The goal is to have young, pleasant shrubs and plants that can increase your bargaining power when looking to sell a home.

Perennial plants can also have a lasting parasitic effect that can be quite unbearable to tame. In addition, their tendency to grasp different plants and spread them throughout the garden is not appealing.

The waste can form a healthy compost composition, which you can use as an application before mulching. Additionally, you can burn the rest of the debris and produce ash. It works better if you apply the ash on plants that diseases have severely hit. Not to mention the soil composition it adds. When cleaning, remember to clean out potential hiding places of pests, like flower vases and pots. The border plants should also be presentable.

Do Some Planting

Planting trees and shrubs resistant to the winter effects will save you a great deal when selling your home. Kindly ensure you dig and water your garden before proceeding to plant. Compost application is also vital in helping you improve the soil nutrients composition.

The plants should remain favorable over the winter months. Thus, the removal of annual plants like poppies is advisable. Such plants do very poorly in the cold season and will therefore give your garden a lean look.

Show Some Love

One of the best times to show tender appreciation to your garden is before the onset of winter. The season to come is harsh, unbearable, and might strip your garden of its glory. Now is the time to do everything right. You can even conduct soil testing to find out what it significantly lacks. Then, apply fertilizer in sufficient portions. You can also remove any popping weeds. It is essential, with the exposure to the sun during the summer.

Mulching is Essential


Winter mulching is vital in ensuring your garden retains its moisture content. Furthermore, it also seals it against intense temperature variations. Not to mention the ability to regulate weeds sprouting.

Consequently, during winter, it will help you avoid soil erosion. Plus, you will still be able to maintain the nutrient level of your garden. It gives you a good selling point when looking at selling your home as potential buyers look to find a home that looks presentable across all seasons. Before applying mulch, you can first embark on using compost, which will help in soil protection.

Think of the Young Trees and Shrubs

Smaller plants during winter have a severe bearing than older plants. With the above consideration on young plants in mind, it is essential to shield them from the harsh winter weather. For instance, you can integrate putting up structures to offer protection before the fall of winter. The above tips will help you set better grounds for potential buyers during winter. Plus, it doesn’t take much to achieve remarkable results.

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