You need more glass on your kitchen

Because when you have glass, you don’t want plastic.

When I opened my stocking on Christmas morning this yr, there was a small glass liquid measuring cup interior. Of course, some different things fell out too, but I had eyes only for that measuring cup: Santa k, nows what turns my crank. You see, I am incredibly obsessed with liquid measuring cups. I have multiple cups in various sizes, and I use them each day.

But there is extra to it than that; it is honestly glass equipment that I love. There’s something about the cloth that I love. It’s long-lasting and long-lasting. It’s see-via, which makes it notable for storage and measuring. It’s portable and sealable (in certain forms), and you always understand while it is clean. And it may accomplish that a good deal of what plastic used to do, earlier than I began disposing of it from my kitchen wherever feasible.

As I delivered the most recent little cup to my series, it dawned on me that three of my most useful kitchen gear are, in truth, all products of glass. These are workhorses of versatility, able to perform multiple tasks and, for that reason casting off overflowing bins.

1. Liquid measuring cups

I do not suppose absolutely everyone could have sufficient of those. So whenever I’m mixing marinades, salad dressings, or dissolved substances for baked items, I do it directly inside the liquid measuring cup. Hence, I do not want grimy extra cups and bowls. If a recipe requires melted butter or warmed milk, I pop the container right into the microwave, after which I add the other components on the pinnacle.

Some of my measuring cups have lids, making them perfect for storing meals within the refrigerator without shifting to some other box. I rely on the spout to pour strained inventory into jars for freezing.

I have a whole cabinet complete of those beauties in varying sizes. I gather them anyplace I discover them – the bigger, the better. I’m especially pleased with the giant pickle jars (pictured above) that my pal Sarah located on the pinnacle of a recycling bin closing week. (See? Both Sarah and Santa get me…)

These are used for zero-waste grocery shopping, storing pantry objects, and stashing leftovers within the fridge wherein; they’ll be visible and get eaten. I can ship espresso, smoothies, salad dressings, and soups anyplace I’m going with screw-pinnacle lids. When I can’t find a big glass to pour my publish-workout protein shake, I clutch a 16-ounce mason jar as an alternative.

The extensive-mouth ones get used for freezing beverages, and all of them get conscripted for canning responsibility come summer – jam, tomatoes, and pickles. They’re even used for dinosaur storage, which Sarah teased me about mercilessly, but hello, it is life without Ziplocs.

2. Small glass bowls

These were a blind buy one day a decade ago once I wished ramekins to make crême brûlée. However, they have become out to be tremendously beneficial. I have a stack of eight, every with a tight-fitting plastic lid, and continuously use them. Made with the aid of Anchor Hocking, they only have a half-cup of volume. However, they are so handy for holding small quantities of food – more chopped garlic or onion, grated ginger, half of a lemon, separated egg yolk or white, you call it.


I use them to transport snacks and ship food in children’s lunches. They function as a dish to hold grimy spoons and small cup measures while cooking. Once in some time, I use them for their original reason, making unmarried-portion desserts.

All this is to say, in no way underestimate the electricity of glass. You do not need to worry about it off-gassing inside the dishwasher. Its recyclability charge is many of the quality. It doesn’t ruin as often as you may think, and you could always see what you are doing and storing. Who needs plastic while you have got the glass?

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