5 Tips to Design a Deck in Your Outdoor Living Space

Many people are fond of incorporating a deck in their outdoor living space. Deck designing is a very personal task since it totally depends on the design of your porch or the architecture built in your home. However, many people tend to make mistakes while installing the new deck; either they fit the deck to an existing ledger or install the replica of what they had earlier. This approach can limit creativity and the option of styling.

Secondly, it depends on you what type of deck you want to incorporate- a low deck or a high deck. Low decks can look flat and massive because of the low elevation angle; high decks appear to be floating and require guardrails and long stretches for the stair. On the other hand, both will appear great and functional if you have an extremely spacious area.

Traditional Style Outdoor

Down below are mentioned some of the tips to design a deck for your outdoor living space-

1) Know what you want and need- 

Many people want to build their deck but don’t know where to start. In such cases, I often ask people to research things out and take help from a professional. First, they can show you the difference between various designs and suit you best for your space. Secondly, indulge in knowing more about the accessories that can be added to your deck design. For instance, you can add a dining space or comfortable seating for your friends and family.

2) Plan stairs and traffic route-

 Imagine how the foot traffic will flow across your deck. Will it just be the simple staircase laid in front of the deck or the swirl of different stairs reaching down the landscaping. Remember, the staircase will anchor your deck and will be the major access point to it. Besides, ensure that your furniture and other arrangement do not interfere with the traffic route and staircase. Finally, it must be clear and easy to locate to move around.

3) Materials that can be maintained-

 The material used in the making of the deck, railings, staircase must be sturdy enough to hold the deck and the traffic. It is better to go for durable materials like PVC, stone, and other low composites that are easy to maintain rather than going with cedar and wood surfaces. These materials are high maintenance and require pressure washing that can increase the expense.

4) Look for shape and size-

Do not go on creating a deck that looks huge, making your garden look congested. It can take over the beauty of your house. Plan it accordingly. Call the deck designing professionals for the job since they can guide you about the right size and shape before installing the deck for you.

5) Get the right view-

 Consider the view before installing the deck. It must not block the inside view from your house. Install accessories that do not take extra space and block the view around your deck.

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