Bathroom Vanities: Tips for Choosing the Best Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom vanities can be the centerpiece and easily grab the space in your bathroom without making a major revolution. It is important to find a perfect vanity that looks good and fulfills your functionality need, and gets fit in your bathroom.  The right style can make your bathroom more perfect.  Buying a wrong vanity can be a costly mistake and make your bathroom look messy and less fictional.

A bathroom vanity can be a combination of a basin or sink and storage like shelves, cabinets, etc. A mirror or a mirror cabinet can be placed over it. A great vanity will provide you’re a comfortable spot for storing your stuff. It will add classy features and will elaborate on the look of your bathroom.

Bathroom Vanity

A vanity can be made according to your preference and requirement; the price will be based on the type of material you chose. There are varieties of vanities available, some of them are –

  • Pedestal sink
  • Freestanding
  • Under mounted sinks
  • Vanity cabinets

Here are some points which needs to be taken into consideration while taking a perfect bathroom vanity –

Consider your need

First, examine the current situation of your bathroom and figure out what kind of vanity you need. Consider the available space, height, width, and depth of your bathroom.  The size of vanity matters a lot. Dimensions should be the factors of your vanity choice. Choose the vanity which fits in your space and make sure that you have a function area left.

Also, consider who will be using the vanity; if it needs to be kept in the kid’s bathroom, you should go with the shorter vanity. If your bathrooms have less space, they consider a less deep vanity. It would be best if you had clearance around the vanity, so always measure the available space.

Material used

Choosing the right material for your bathroom is very important. Humidity and moisture can be the problems that can directly affect your furniture placed in the bathroom, so always give the utmost importance to the material. For example, you can choose the solid wood vanity to provide great strength, whereas rubberwood is also a good option to place in the bathrooms as they also provide great strength. Other than this, many more options are available, such as ceramic, stone, glass, plastic, etc.

The material you chose should be able to handle the moisture and humidity of your bathroom; they should not be at the risk of wearing out. In addition, the material should be strong to handle the weight of the vanity.

Check your plumbing access.

Before opting for a vanity, check where your plumbing is and chose accordingly. You may have a limited option to place your vanity. You can change your current plumbing before keeping the vanity, but it won’t be cheap; you should have a big budget to address the expense. Standing vanities can cover all the plumbing issues, and they do not require alteration expenses.

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