How to expand your real estate business with Halloween-themed social media ideas

The real estate industry, just like any other, has its fair share of good days of business and not-so-good ones. Real estate sales are traditionally high in the summer, and the company tends to slow down as we move into winter. It could be because the big holiday season is closing in, and the customers are somewhat relaxed and motivated to spend their cash elsewhere. 

Does this mean that your real estate business should also be on hold? No, not at all. This is not the time to slow down; you can use this slow season to generate potential leads. Do you know that seasons like Halloween offer the perfect excuse to reconnect with existing customers and make new connections with prospective customers?  

Real estate agencies are known to embrace Halloween within their marketing strategies. Think about how many stories there are about haunted houses or how just some of the listings morph into candy treasure troves. The connection of Halloween to real estate is undeniable, and it is time to get creative. 

With creative themes and posts roaming social media, Halloween is no longer just a holiday. While most realtors feel uninspired as the spooky season approaches, the truth is that this season presents a unique opportunity for real estate businesses to appeal to customers. It has now turned into a multi-million industry, and there is no reason why you should not enjoy a piece of that action. Thus, below are some of the best Halloween social media ideas for you to try and promote your real estate business in this spooky season. 

Halloween Facebook Cover

Run a Halloween throwback contest

The Halloween season has a #ThrowbackThursday when people recall their old days. The best way to get your following into the Halloween spirit is by posting your throwback pictures. 

So, get into this Halloween by running a Halloween-themed throwback contest. 

Ask your followers to share their best Halloween photos from the past years. Then, post those photos on your social media and let your followers vote for their favorites. The winner gets a prize that can be anything from a gift card to something free from your company. Use seasonal hashtags and tag a few business friends to get going. 

Spooky user-generated content 

User-generated content is one of the most effective and affordable marketing techniques to interact with your customers on special occasions. Moreover, it is becoming more popular for realtors to have chats with their customers on social media.

Design special Halloween social media posts for your followers to stay active during the season. What you include in this post is totally up to your preferences. You can share your next open house or a new listing with a Halloween-themed social media post. Or you can share any random information about real estate in this post with a Halloween theme. To design catchy social media posts for your open house, try available house flyers on PosterMyWall. Learn more about how to use real estate flyers for business growth here

Launch a Halloween social media contest

Social media is an effective way to reach out to potential leads and existing customers, and with Halloween comes a unique opportunity to engage and interact with them through a social media contest. 

Almost everyone dresses up during Halloween. Ask your social media followers to take photos of themselves in their favorite Halloween outfits. They should then upload the pictures with a special hashtag with your real estate mentioned somewhere. You can decide on a few winners and reward them as your choice. You can also ask people to share their Halloween decorations. Keep an eye out for former clients that use their house as a background. Ask them if you can repost those photos and show your prospective clients examples of families enjoying the house you helped them find. 

Pumpkin carving contest

This social media idea is great for bringing families together during Halloween. It requires very few items and is an activity in which every family member loves to participate. Create a social media post and ask your followers to join for the chance to win a prize. Make sure not to neglect the real estate – Halloween connection and stay relevant as per the holiday. 

Even if you are unwilling to put too much effort into organizing a contest, you can still catch up with potential leads during Halloween. In seasons like these, customers admire posts that are related to the holiday in any way. Just design some creative Halloween-themed social media posts and catch your followers’ attention. Create stunning social media posts using Halloween post templates on PosterMyWall and enhance your real estate marketing. 

Halloween is for everyone.

Although some realtors think that their business may not grow during Halloween, it is the time when real estate agents can grab leads extensively. Moreover, with the increased usage of social media in recent years, it is now time when real estate businesses should put some effort into Halloween-themed social media posts and expand their leads significantly. To conclude, follow the abovementioned ideas and stay on point this Halloween. 

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