Moneycontrol Ultimate Business Quiz #sixty three: Test your expertise

Q1. A young person with dreams traveled from Kutch to Mumbai and installed a small grocery shop at Walkeshwar. With time, he realized the business capability of school books. While literary texts needed to be marketed nicely for you to be offered off the cabinets, college books had been demanded via the customers themselves- there has been a ready and keen market for them. So, in 1959, he opened a shop in Dhobi Talao called the College Book Depot, which went directly to end up part of the college books business folklore. How will we recognize this agency?

Q2. It is India’s largest manufacturer and dealer of rubber chemical compounds. The agency is known for a product of its excellent customer service and commitment to environmental care. The company is a part of Arvind Mafatlal Group of Industries, a well-known Business House in India with various business pastimes. What is the call of this enterprise?

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Q3. The name of the agency, a play at the phrase ‘zillion,’ became hooked up in 2015 through Ankita Bose and Dhruv Kapoor. The concept came from while Bose changed into an excursion in Bangkok and noticed that most small and medium-sized shops had no online presence. Identify the agency.

Q4. Founded in 2011 with Rahul Anand, a graduate of Harvard Business School and the University of Michigan. The agency, based in Mumbai, is a curated keep providing an expansion of global and nearby branded products for kids. What is the call of this startup?

Q11. Sam Jadallah formerly headed the startup Otto, billed as the “Apple of smart locks,” and spent time at Microsoft. What will he now lead at Apple?

Q12. The economic zone has come off from turbulence within the preceding year triggered by the NBFC disaster. The market has honestly differentiated to favor NBFCs with strong parentage and robust enterprise version. What does NBFC stand for?

Q13. Who owns a significant stake in Kidzania, runs a manufacturing house known as Red Chillies, and owns a cricket group within the Caribbean Premier League?
Answer: Shah Ruh Khan Q14. What exceptional authorities-owned store changed into inaugurated on the departure terminal of the Goa International airport in January 2019 by Suresh Prabhu, Minister for Commerce & Industry and Civil Aviation?

Answer: India’s first Geographic Indication (GI) keep

Q15. This liqueur, an amaro, turned into invented and patented by someone who becomes a businessman and a freedom fighter. It is an alcohol infusion of cinchona bark, herbs, and iron salts supposed for use as a digestive and tonic. Who invented this?

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