Plumber: Kitchen tap spray picks

Q: Dear Ed: I’m a regular reader of your column and revel in the topic of new plumbing generation. I’ll be looking for a new kitchen tap soon and want a pullout spray type. Since I need cool features, what new spray head alternatives are to be had?

A: Take some notes because pullout and pull-down spray head kitchen taps are very famous. With reputation come lots of latest capabilities. Here are 5 of my favored new kitchen tap spray head alternatives.

spray picks

1. Spray increase

With the frenzy of a button, deliver your spray head a controlled burst of more water-spraying strength.

2. Soft spray

Gently rinse delicate produce and culmination without bruising.

3. Sweep spray

Specially angled nozzles create a blade of water to brush away caught food.

4. Ring spray

Target your spray area with a thin ring of water.

5. Pause feature

Pause the water drift immediately —and that’s my cue to forestall right here.

Q: Dear Ed: I plan to touch a plumber to improve our shower with a hand bathe and sliding wall mount to change the shower peak. What cooling capabilities can we add to this mission without making it a complicated install?

— Roger, Texas

A: With plumbing jobs, always try to get the maximum bang on your buck. Sometimes that consists of spending more money on materials if the overall hard work value continues near the different labor fee.

The excellent news is a new bathtub and shower furniture known as shower columns can do merely that. A bathe column is a chrome piping setup that quickly installs vertically at the inside bathe wall and easily connects to the existing plumbing. Aside from the vertical sliding personal shower, bathe columns also can include a sizeable rain-style head and an integrated diverter valve.

Bottom line: By spending greater plumbing material cash, bathe columns can supply some more great bath splash. Master Contractor/Plumber Ed Del Grande is thought internationally as the writer of the e-book “Ed Del Grande’s House Call,” the host of TV and Internet indicates, and a LEED inexperienced partner. Visit eddelgrande.

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