Reasons for Mold Growth in Home

Unless mold is present outside the house, it is beneficial for the environment. But its growth inside the house is hazardous for people living in the home. If not controlled on time, mold growth can have a disastrous impact on human’s health.

Mold usually grows inside the home where the moisture level is high such as kitchen, bathroom or laundry room. The mold spores move with air from one place to another and settle on wet areas. They are not visible to naked eyes, and this is the reason for which you should get a mold inspection done regularly so that mold removal is done before it put your family in danger.

Probing further, let’s discuss the major causes of mold. Learning the below-given reasons, you can control the mold and can maintain the good air quality in your home.

The Four Stages of Mold Infestation

High humidity level – If the weather in your area is humid for a few days, the possibility is there that you might notice mold in your home. According to experts, the humidity level should not go beyond 55% inside the house. Otherwise, mold will get the right condition to grow. Moreover, if you are experiencing a high moisture level, then prefer having a dehumidifier in your home. Also, don’t forget to get the HVAC system serviced on time as it can help in controlling humidity.

Improper ventilation – If your home is poorly ventilated, then there are high chances of presence of mold inside your home. Because of the lack of ventilation, the humid air doesn’t escape from the house and thus, leads to the growth of mold. As you cook, bath, wash clothes and clean home daily, you use a large amount of water that causes the build-up of moisture. To eliminate the accumulated moisture, it is crucial to have proper ventilation at home. Ventilation will let humid air to move out, and thus, the chance of growth of mold reduces.

Leaks in pipes – Leakage in the pipe is among the most common reason for mold growth in the home. Some undetected leaks go unnoticed and lead to worse scenarios. The mold growth starts at hidden areas and soon emerges at other parts of the house.

Leaking roof – Leaking roof is another big problem that not only leads to mold growth but also destroys the foundation of your home. For this reason, it is crucial to get the roof repaired on time.

Wet materials – Leaving wet clothes, rugs, furniture and carpets inside the home can increase the moisture level inside your home that can contribute to the growth of mold. So, make sure to dry the wet materials immediately to prevent mold growth.

Hire Mold Remediation Experts!

If you happen to notice mold in your home, contact mold remediation experts immediately. Delay in the removal of mold can put your health in danger and decrease the attractiveness of the house. So, never wait for mold to grow. Professionals have required experience and tools to eliminate the mold completely.

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