9 Safety Tips For Crawling Babies

A crawling baby who has just found the fun of exploring on his own not only fills parent’s hearts with joy but also this moment comes with many responsibilities in our homes. A survey says that more than 2 million children are injured every year in their homes because of our negligence (not intentionally), so I will share some tips for parents.

Baby Milestones

1. Electrical Equipment

  • First of all, we should plug up all our electrical outlets near floors or approachable to kids. Special care and attention are required in this.
  • We should always keep away the hanging wires from their reach attached to some electrical appliances because they can pull them easily. You can use the wire stoppers on the wall, so they don’t get a grip on it.

2. Cover sharp edges

  • Make sure you cover all sharp corners of tables, almirahs, or anything which have sharp edges. You can use a rubber cover for it.

3. Keep away from small objects

  • It is always important to keep away small objects and choking hazards from your crawling stars.
  • Don’t keep any stool or chair lighter in weight because it can topple if the young one tries to climb it.

4. Keep an eye 

  • Never leave them alone or out of your sight if they crawl because you don’t know where they can go, like near grills or in the kitchen or near the stairs. That also can be dangerous.
  • The best way to watch your baby crawl is by getting down on your hands and knees and then crawl around. To see what is at your baby’s eye level and within easy reach. As kids can be curious about anything like cords, pens, pencils, etc.

5. Install baby gates

6. Windows 

  • Must install childproof screens or window bars that are proven to prevent falls.

7. Drawers

  • As we all have drawers in our home, you can remove handles or knobs of drawers not to be open with bare hands. But we can open them with spoons or screwdrivers.
  • Keep all medicines in high and locked cabinets or drawers where they can’t reach.

8. Kitchen

  • Don’t keep hot items like milk, oil, water, pressure cooker, etc., near the corner where they can reach easily.
  • You should keep the kitchen shelves corner always clear because if you keep something there and found it attractive, they will pull it, then it can be dangerous.

9. Bathrooms

  • Always keep the toilet’s lid down and secure them with a lid lock because it can also be dangerous.
  • Never keep buckets full of water as we heard that the child got disbalance and drown in the bucket.
  • Keep away all your home cleaning products which are also very harmful to little ones if they spill it on the floor, and then they can lick it from their fingers.

Now, I have shared all the important points for your little ones regarding home safety tips.

Happy Living with Safe Parenting!

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